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Men’s Christian Union


Members of the Men's Christian Union..

Members of the Men’s Christian Union..



President: Presiding Bishop Amos Ndhlumbi

Chairman: Rev. J. Mangiza

Vice Chairman: Mr Chinosengwa

Secretary: Mr N. Waremba

Vice Secretary: Mr. T. Tandi


Origins of the Men’s Christian Union in Zimbabwe

Evangelist Joseph Fikela originating from the Cape Colony founded the MCU at Mbembesi near Bulawayo in 1928. It started with seven men who met regularly to pray and talk about men. Meetings were held on Wednesdays in the afternoon.

Mr Mazabane was the first Chairman with Mr Magwala as Secretary based in Bulawayo. After the death of Mr Muzabane in 1930 Revd T.D Samkange started the MCU at Waddilove. In the same year (1930) in September, Revd Chivasa designed the sachet and pin. Revd Zuda popularized the Shona Hymn 74. In 1934 Mr Sichela assisted by Rev T.D. Samkange started the MCU at Epworth Mission. The MCU continued to spread the Gospel to different places (Matthew 28: 19-20), it opened up new places, built churches and this led to the birth of many lay leaders, evangelists, priests and preachers.

Present day

To date the MCU has been influential in Church matters and have not paid a bling eye to the issues within the church. They have led, just like any father would do in his house. It has a membership of over 4 402 and 1148 members on trial (according to 2013 records)

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