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Melbourne Zimbabwean Methodist Shona service was launched in Australia on the 29 November 2009 at 22 Mount View Highet by a group of 14 people who were willing to worship in Shona just like in their home. The homestead is owned by one of the members who allowed this group to meet every Sunday to worship and praise at 1700 hours for one year. Numbers increased and they soon realised they needed a large space to accommodate everyone and in October 2010 they moved to Spring Street Wesleyan Methodist Church where they were offered a church to hold their services. Since then this has become home.



Ruwadzano: 14, MCU: 11, Youth: 7, Sunday School: 11, Non Affiliated members: 5


The church in Melbourne has since grown from strength to strength and have since registered the congregation in 2011. You can visit them online on


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