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Gokwe District is made up of 11 Circuits. It geographically stretches from Chiwundura in the Midlands Province up to Binga Town. It is almost a rainbow district in terms of language for we are composed of Tonga, Ndebele and Shona speaking communities.

In ministering Gokwe district, all rural Circuits are geographically big making them difficult to provide adequate pastoral care. The region is characterised by poor road networks making the majority of areas inaccessible especially in the rainy season. The majority of Ministers use public transport making work in these circuits a great challenge.

The Church has established a school at Kafushaire in Nyaminyami Circuit to ensure Primary School children do not travel a distance of around 14 km to the next school. It has mobilised resources for the infrastructural development of this school. The District’s Men’s Christian Union has been crucial in the spear heading of infrastructural development at Gwehava Primary School in Gokwe Circuit.

The district is proud to facilitate the mission of the church in such challenging circumstance and is proud of pioneering missionary work in Binga area were one of our Ministers Job Mamuka died of Malaria in the line of duty. This continues to be an inspiration to this generation of Ministers who are now serving in these improved conditions compared to those of our predecessors.

In addition, the District has seen an active role being played by our circuits in Christian and Social Responsibilities such as giving food aid, clothes and health care facilities to the needy in Old People’s Homes, orphanages and prisons. The District Health and Social Service department and the Connexional Health and Social Services Department joined hands and offered a Mobile Clinic to Siabuwa Circuit where over 150 people were given medication and counselling.


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